Anyone who knows us knows, sustainability has always been a cornerstone for us, not just environmental sustainability, but social and economic sustainability as well. After a long journey of focusing our attention and rigor in sustainable management and production, we make our sustainability more than official thanks to the EQualitas certification.

In line with the cardinal principles belonging to the entire Margaritelli group, we have also decided to undertake the path of sustainable development in the Terre Margaritelli vineyard. In compliance with the qualitative objectives that the company has always kept in mind, we have decided to undertake the exciting journey towards the realization of the certification according to the SOPD Equalitas sustainability standard - SUSTAINABILITY OF THE WINE CHAIN: ORGANIZATIONS, PRODUCTS, NAMES OF ORIGIN (SOPD). 

We started with the concept of sustainability first introduced by the Brundtland Report for the World Commission for Environment and Development (1987). According to which sustainable development means development aimed at satisfying the needs of the present generation without compromising the capacity of future generations. 

A fundamental element is the relationship with the surrounding community, with suppliers, with customers, and in particular the internal relationships between all of us colleagues. We asked ourselves the question of how to make everyone participate in the development process of the company and thus came the project of our LAB label aimed at including everyone in the qualitative development of wines. 

A process that goes beyond the norm, we are forming our social identity based on respect; respect for people, respect for the environment, and respect for the future. All of us in the company will undertake the task to ensure that Terre Margaritelli remains in compliance with our commitment made towards the Equalitas system, in particular the commitment made towards future generations. 

The process of improvement is progressive and continuous, with the commitment to the allocation of people and resources to make this happen and to pay attention to the entire system to ensure its effectiveness and the implementation of the necessary corrective actions.


To achieve these results, the company management undertakes, in particular:

• To guarantee the technical management of the vineyard at a high level in compliance with the principles of organic cultivation

• To reduce the use of resources by keeping emissions, discharges, waste production, impacts on the ecosystem, as well as to control any other effects on the environment both inside and outside the company

• To deepen the knowledge and activities for the conservation of biodiversity and the landscape understood both in a cultural and ecological sense

• To guarantee the traceability of products

• To guarantee respect and safety at work

• To promote the well-being of all customers of the product and visitors to the company and the territory

• To encourage dialogue with customers, to inform and raise awareness among collaborators about the environmental effects associated with the activities carried out, and to advise suppliers with adequate information on the environmental impact of the products supplied

• To engage in the territory with involved parties (representatives of the local community, environmental organizations, local administration, etc.) with the proper communication of activities regarding sustainable production

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Sustainability policy

Sustainability report

If you intend to contribute, even anonymously, to give us indications of your perception on the impact that our company has on the territory and on the positive and negative aspects of the coexistence relationship that has been established with the local community, choose the relevant questionnaire below.

Community Questionnaire  for people of the local community and representatives of the Public Administration

Visitor Questionnaire  for people who have visited our company

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