Simon de Brion

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Pope Martin IV, Simon de Brion before being named Pope, spent the last phase of his life in Perugia. A lover of the delights of a good table, his memory was immortalized in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy where he was placed among the greedy of Purgatory. So what was the vice he had to atone for? His unforgettable passion: lake eels, sprinkled with a special ‘vernaccia’, a traditional Umbrian sweet wine obtained from canajolo grapes - the same one we celebrate today in this wine full of floral and fruity notes. Ideal for concluding any friendly gathering in a solemn sweetness.

Contains sulfites

Miralduolo di Torgiano, Umbria
Rosso dell'Umbria IGP Abboccato

Organoleptic notes

Bright ruby

Wild strawberries, raspberries

Fresh, sweet with a slight bitter aftertaste


Spicy sweets with dried fruit, soft cheeses

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