From the sincerity of the land comes an authentic wine made of experience and passion.

Since 1870, the Margaritelli family has linked its name, history, and the nature that makes this a unique land; a region of great environmental and artistic heritage, backed by a rich tradition of mysticism and sacredness. From the desire to create the wine as a product of the earth's design, the passion for cultivation, and an imagination that for decades has inspired and distinguished the Margaritelli men and helped form a deeply authentic brand: Terre Margaritelli.



The people

The history of this business is one that is born in Umbria in the second half of the nineteenth century, it follows four generations of a single family who follow in the steps of their predecessors. Their values are rooted deeply in the soil of tradition. On the one hand, an upward momentum, on the other, an indomitable spirit of innovation. Deep respect for the laws of nature and the value of time, combined with energy and brilliant vitality, are the salient features of the growth cycle of a vineyard, as well as of an oak forest and both have much in common with the history of the Margaritelli family.

Dario Margaritelli

Il Motore

It seems obvious that he is our engine but he actually is. Always present, feet firmly on the ground with the desire and pride to see the company founded by his grandfather grow and consolidate. He runs all the gears in sync, after all, his passion for bringing old engines back to life and obtaining maximum efficiency from them is well known to all.

Stefano Antognoni


Born and raised in the midst of tractors, he is truly a man of the land. Through his growth in the field and the knowledge gained as an agronomist, he has added a unique experience to the vineyard. As one who prefers to speak with the vines rather than to those who "have time to spare," he is following the course of the sun, greeting it early every morning, but has never lost sight of his goal: bringing a quality grape to the cellar and our company.

Federico Bibi


On a summer evening in 2005, he met the Margaritelli family at the center of the Rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Here, at 1:00 AM, in the presence of good wine and fresh ricotta, the basis of project Terre Margaritelli was created, an organic winery that sinks its roots into the most authentic values of the natural Italian genius: art, beauty, balance and being.

Massimiliano Papini


It is precisely due to his extraordinary acrobatic skills that he quickly became the indispensable right-hand man of everyone at the company. Always present on the ground, he is the man of the machines: with one touch of his hands all problems are solved and everything runs perfectly. But really, he loves to talk about the wine and the vineyard.

Andrea Giovanni Cilloco

Il Vinista

His passion and past experience is that of the bartender, a man of the cocktails, who stays behind the counter until late at night and who solves all your problems with a smile and a joke. This is the role of the Vinista, seeing is believing.

Maurilio Chioccia

Lo Zio

Citizen of the world, the world of wine. Everyone knows him and he knows everyone. For us he is like an uncle, the funny one. The one that is always present, who helps you when you need it and who always brings you a smile ... in addition to pastries!

Margherita Manucci


Her dexterity in following the recipes and the precision in measuring the doses and the hours is accomplished entirely on the PC keyboard, not in the kitchen. She is our certification wizard.

The story

The Terre Margaritelli company was founded in 1950 by Fernando Margaritelli. At the age of 60, Fernando Margaritelli started this operation as a retirement business to fulfill his enjoyment of cultivating and producing wine for himself and his family. The purpose of this venture was to serve only the family and express the Margaritelli family's passion for the land.

In 2000 Mr. Giuseppe Margaritelli, son of Fernando, in honor of his father's passion, decided to expand the property and give life to the Terre Margaritelli winery. This began with the replanting of the grape vines and the conversion away from a small family vineyard, followed by the transition to an organic operation, as well as most recently being recognized as a certified sustainable winery. Today, the company is totally organic and directly produces all the wine that is marketed under the Terre Margaritelli name.

Wood & wine

In 1962 the Margaritelli family, in order to control the entire chain of production of railway ties, built a sawmill in France to be able to procure oak directly from the rich forests of France. The headquarters of the sawmill is still a very important element for the Margaritelli family, especially for the production of parquet. It is located in Fontaine, 25 km from Beaune in the heart of Burgundy which is full of rich forests. From there came the possibility of creating unique, one of a kind research and collaboration opportunities with several French organizations including: The National Institute of Vine and Wine, The National Institute for Forest Management, The Cooperage Union, as well as other minor institutions. This collaboration helped Terre Margaritelli to determine whether the influence of oak on wine would change depending on the origin of the oak forest.

Margaritelli France supported the project by providing the wood from each of the different forests selected. In order to get an accurate representation of each forest, 24 trees were selected from each forest to ensure that one unusual tree would not affect the experiment. Each oak barrel was made with wood from only a single forest and placed inside them was the 2002 Pinot Noir from Domaine Michel Juillot, aged until December 2003 before being bottled without filtering or any other other operations. In early 2004 a blind tasting was organized where only professional sommeliers were invited. They were asked to fill out a taste profile which then in practice would become the flavor profile of each individual oak forest.

Based on this research, we decided to use oak exclusively from the Bertrange forest in Burgundy. The oak is characterized by having a very delicate profile with fresh balsamic notes and never covers the taste of the fruit.

At the moment, all of the barrels are produced by the cooperage Toutant, also in Burgundy. They are both customers and friends of the Margaritelli family and are always careful to verify and control the origin and quality of the wood they source. One final note, in 2016 Margaritelli France was awarded the largest batch of trees to be cut from the Bertrange forest in the national auction.


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